Thoughts on preaching

1 Nov

I think one of the easiest mistakes to make when it comes to expository preaching is to think of it as simply looking at a text and explaining the individual words.

I know I’ve heard a whole lot of sermons like that. (I heard one today at this special event I attended actually.)

Where the preacher, he’ll take you to a passage.  He will read the passage.  He will come up with a nice outline on the passage.  He will talk about the words in that passage.   But he doesn’t clearly explain the purpose of the passage.  Or worse, he’ll use the words in the passage to make his own point rather than the actual point of the passage.

This is tricky and I think dangerous.

Not always tricky in a purposeful way or dangerous because the preacher’s point is bad or wrong.  The point, it might come from another passage or sometimes you know it might just be a good idea that the preacher had about life. 

What makes it dangerous is that the people who are listening often think that what he’s doing is expository preaching…and thus authoritative preaching.  


One Response to “Thoughts on preaching”

  1. Steve H November 2, 2006 at 5:22 pm #

    I agree that it can be dangerous.

    What is tricky, is sometimes the preacher is making biblical points, but the passage, and even the words, are not necessarily speaking to those points.

    How would you give a good running definition of expository preaching?

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