22 Sep

Sometimes I don’t have a clue.

Blessed without appreciating the extent of the blessings. Like say, access to doctors who pay attention, ask questions, and have legitimate ideas about solutions.

Nick’s dad is down from Zimbabwe. Nick is an intern at 1Hope, beginning Christ Seminary in January, and a huge help at our church. His dad has had a condition for years now that is progressively getting worse. But, unfortunately many of the doctors who could help have left Zimbabwe. Now, the doctors he would go to basically ask you what you think is wrong, don’t do any tests, and then prescribe medicine. So Nick has brought his father down to South Africa. It was a tough decision because they had to leave a fourteen year old, thirteen year old and seven year (? I can’t remember the exact age) old back home in the village to look out for themselves. What do you do? Your dad may be dying? He waking up with his face swollen. His heart is beating irregularly. He is tired constantly.

He’s been down for a couple weeks now. He stood in line at the Academic hospital for three entire days before seeing a nurse who gave him a piece of paper with an appointment to see a doctor on October 17th. A month away. Craziness. We called our doctor and set up an appointment and got one within the day. When he went there, the receptionist seemed a little surprised but after talking with Andre they were very respectful. In fact, Esther (Nick’s wife) told me this morning that her father in law was shocked. He never had a doctor who actually asked him so many questions and seemed to care about what was happening with him. After speaking with our doctor, he said, “The doctor actually asked if I have been having problems seeing properly. I didn’t even have to tell her. She just knew to ask. It was amazing.”

It’s a little overwhelming now because he needs more tests and the doctor actually is concerned that he might need heart surgery and we don’t have any idea how that will be possible. She told him that for the doctors to do the tests he will need a work permit, which is basically like telling him that he’ll have to go to the moon and back in the next couple of months. But…there is a God who cares and can do more than we can ask or think! Please pray, especially that this will be a time of rapid spiritual growth for all of us who are involved.

It is just one of those things that is hard for me to imagine because I have never thought about having a physical problem and being close to people who had the ability to help and not actually having access to those people, watching yourself die when there is a solution near but being unable to get to the solution.

Blessed without appreciating how much.


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