Funny sad…

3 Oct

I found this quote funny sad.

For context, (and you need context because he’s trying to satirize something specific) please refer to the rest of the article at Reformation 21:

Let me remind you of some Theology 101: God made two kinds of people. Big, extraordinary people and little, ordinary people. Now, there are just two basic rules to remember: Rule 1 – the job of the big people is to tell the little people what to think and how to behave. Rule 2 – the job of the little people is to listen to the big people and do as they say. Hey, it really is totally that simple — not exactly the doctrine of the Trinity, is it?!? LOL!!

Incredibly humbling as it is for me to say this, the Lord has laid on me the terrible burden of being — yes, you guessed it, a big person. And you — well, almost all of you have the awesome and exciting privilege of being little people. While I wish I too could be little and, frankly, irrelevant, sadly the lot has fallen for me in a different place. Me big, you little. I won’t patronise you by drawing out the implications of that for our relationship.

For the rest


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