Don’t minimize small opportunities

4 Oct

It is sometimes nice to preach before a larger crowd. Certainly at least you have the opportunity to get the message to a wider audience that way.

But what I really love is having the opportunity to sit down with just a few people in their living room and talk specifically about the word of God and how it applies to our lives.

When I go away from speaking to a large group of people I often go away saying, well at least I tried and God can take the message and do something with it. But so often when I go away from individual discipleship opportunities, I am absolutely pumped because they aren’t just nodding their heads, I get to watch them absorb and apply.

I don’t have a big reason for saying that except that sometimes when we don’t have the opportunity to preach before larger crowds we might think we are really missing out, but I am not so sure about that. If you have the opportunity to sit down with a couple of people and look carefully at what the Scripture teaches, please don’t act like that small opportunity is small. It is huge.

In fact, I am not sure that it gets a whole lot more strategic or effective than that, long term, especially if those people go out and do the same themselves.


One Response to “Don’t minimize small opportunities”

  1. Buks van Ellewee October 5, 2011 at 6:19 am #

    I heartily agree with this thought and I am convinced that the puritans understood something of this opportunity that we have perhaps largely lost today – this excerpt from “Puritan Evangelism” by Joel Beeke:

    Baxter and his two assistants spent two full days each week catechizing parishioners in their homes. In addition to that, on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and evenings he catechized each of his seven family members for an hour per week. Those visits involved patiently teaching, gently examining, and carefully leading family and church members to Christ through the Scriptures.

    and the result:

    When Baxter was installed at Kidderminster in Worcestershire, perhaps one family in each street honored God in family worship; at the end of his ministry there, there were streets where every family did so. He could say that of the six hundred converts that were brought to faith under his preaching, he could not name one that had backslidden to the ways of the world.

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