Shepherd or CEO?

18 Oct

Your Pastor: Shepherd or CEO?

T. David Gordon writes,

“Many observers have recently expressed concern that the biblical model of the pastor as shepherd has been replaced with the model of the pastor as manager. Some biblical priorities are threatened when such a managerial model of the pastorate replaces the shepherding model. In what follows, I will place the priorities of a managerial model in contrast to what I believe to be biblical priorities. I do not intend to suggest that such priorities are inherently opposed to each other, but I do suggest that lower values have replaced higher values.”

His examples:

* Quantity becomes more important than quality

* The pastor as CEO instead of a true plurality of elders

* The pastor’s agenda over the people’s gifts

* The pastor overlooks instead of oversees

For the rest…


One Response to “Shepherd or CEO?”

  1. Joe Lima October 18, 2011 at 9:18 am #

    I will say this, the CEO syndrome is doing particularly well in the “well taught” churches. As I have thought through this I have started to understand why this is happening. Churches have become professional under the guise of doing things as unto the Lord. The “worship” service is really stage managed and no spontaneity is to be seen from the “worshippers”. The “worshippers” have zero opportunity to edify the body with their gifting during the service and are really there to affirm the CEO’s gifting. Only one member of the body is operational and that member is the mouth. All the other members of the body become ears and listen to the mouth. Very strange body indeed. If a pair of ears doesn’t come to the assembly and falls away then that is their loss, who cares if a couple of ears are missing in the meeting there are a further ninety nine pairs present.
    The question though is whose fault is all of this?

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