Sexual Sin and the Hope of the Gospel

24 Nov

Sexual sin is serious.

It is not very difficult to think of ways the Bible emphasizes that. We also know the great damage it does through experience. We only need look at what is happening in the world all around us or stop and remember some of the pain and sadness it has at times brought into our own lives to know that sexual sin is serious.

In fact it is so serious that when we are enabled to see sexual sin for the perversion that it is or if we ourselves are in some way the victim of someone else’s sexual sin, we might be tempted to hopelessness.

Can God use something as terrible and awful as this to bring Him glory and accomplish His plan?

The genealogy recorded in Matthew demonstrates that He can. Think for a moment of the four different women that he lists.

Tamar, was involved in a kind of incestual relationship.
Rahab, was a prostitute.
Ruth wasn’t involved in sexual sin herself as far as we know, but she was the result of it. She was a Moabite and according to Genesis 19, the Moabites began when Lots’ daughter got him drunk and lay with him.
And of course, there’s the wife of Uriah who is listed, Bathsheba who was violated by David and thus became the mother of Solomon.

And yet each of these women were used by God as part of His great plan in fulfilling the promise of the Messiah given to us throughout the Old Testament.

The world seems to only have two options when it comes to sexual sin: deny that it is serious or heap shame upon shame upon shame upon those who commit it and act as if those who have been victims of it are in a position that is absolutely hopeless.

When we turn to the Scriptures we are reminded that a biblical perspective is much more profound and even more nuanced than that. Sexual sin is serious, more serious for more reasons than most of us imagine. But there is hope for sexual sinners and there is hope for those who have been sinned against. God is strong enough to accomplish His purposes in the face of sexual sin and He is good enough to offer forgiveness to those who repent.

May God help us become people who feel deeply the shame of sexual sin and stand up against it! But may God also help us to avoid the hopelessness that looks at sexual sin as if it were something God wasn’t great enough to be able to overcome and even in a sense use to accomplish His great purposes.


One Response to “Sexual Sin and the Hope of the Gospel”

  1. Katharina November 27, 2011 at 6:48 am #

    Thanks for your post. I found this through a google search for my final paper that is due in two weeks. I am working towards my Masters in Intercultural Studies and for my Biblical Theology of Mission class, our final paper is “how does God use __ to further his mission?” looking at two passages from the Old and New Testaments. Mine will explore how God uses “promiscuous” women to further His mission. In the Old Testament I will look at Rahab and Gomer and in the New I will look at the Woman from Samaria at the well and the woman who the Jews wanted to stone to death but Jesus interrupted stating “he who has no sin cast the first stone”. As I have been researching, I have not been able to find many articles in this area. I have yet to check out my seminary’s commentaries on these Bible passages. I was wondering if you had any books, articles, commentaries, thoughts or suggestions for me. I really appreciated your post and it always amazes me how the Lord uses any situation in life (our story/narrative) in his story and mission, for his glory. What a gracious God He is to such undeserving people as we are.

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